Grant Recipients

Grant Recipients

Serving Widows and Orphans Worldwide

Welcome to a partial list of our past and current Grant Partners. We have been blessed to establish partnerships with churches and ministries across the United States, Europe and Africa. We hope to one day add your organization to this list!


Partnership with Revelation Church,
House of Grace Ministries


Their Vision: To serve both social orphans and social widows with a goal of transforming lives through the power of the Lord and through the renewal of social connection. To raise the standard of living of widows and orphans of the church who come for help by changing people from the inside.

Their Programs: The ministry to social orphans serves those who through life’s circumstances have become disconnected- fatherless, homeless, friendless, jobless, hopeless. The House of Grace is a transitional home for men where brothers commit to a daily discipline of communal prayer, meals, chores, and work outside the home, with the goal of personal development, both spiritually and socially. The ministry to social widows includes both widows and those whose husbands do not offer the support of marriage either because of absence, neglect, or substance abuse. The ministry helps widows both spiritually and materially; the widows meet weekly for communal prayer meetings and receive micro-loans both for business start-ups and for emergencies.

Examples of Transformation: Alexey came to the House of Grace from prison. He embraced the new chance offered, learned a trade, began to work and to tithe back to the ministry. He learned to read and write with the help of ministry brothers, and began to serve as head of the ushers. Eventually, Alexey became a program director for the House of Grace. From a background of prison, homelessness, and illiteracy, he has become a brother to others seeking stability and community.


Life in Abundance International

In February of 2013 Gather & Care teamed up with Life in Abundance International to provide a three-day seminar to the churches of the All Saints’ Cathedral Diocese in Nairobi. This seminar paved the way for churches of the Diocese to begin applying for matching grants with Gather & Care.


Life in Abundance International

In February of 2013 Gather & Care teamed up with Life in Abundance International to provide a three-day seminar to the churches of the All Saints’ Cathedral Diocese in Nairobi. This seminar paved the way for churches of the Diocese to begin applying for matching grants with Gather & Care.


Partnership with Evangelical Pentecostal Church,
Serving the Orphans Ministry


Their Vision: To transform the lives of orphan children and youth of the church community and those outside of it, so that their social, physical, emotional and spiritual vulnerabilities are reduced and their capacities and capabilities are increased as they integrate in the church family. EPC-Stara Zagora ministers to a unique group of orphans, the hard of hearing and deaf.

Their Programs: The ministry serves orphans through bringing between 30 and 40 of them by vehicle to the church on a bi-weekly basis for bible study and worship. In addition, the ministry participants belong to the youth group, participate in holiday programs, receive sign language training, and receive training in software designed for the deaf. They also gather to play games, study English, paint, or just have fellowship with other church members. The volunteers and staff also receive sign language training, which fosters greater communication among the church community.

Examples of Transformation: The Word matters, and spreading the Word may be challenging when language separates people, as it does when the hearing and the hearing-impaired communicate. This ministry makes it a priority to break down the barriers by providing a language to connect believers. Orphans who are church members have been encouraged to know that church brothers and sisters have received sign language training so that they might reach out to their deaf church family. This, then, is the return on the investment. The Word gets out and orphaned believers come to know their place as members of the family of Christ. Rumen came to the program from the orphanage and belongs to the teen congregation. His faith led him to be baptized in the church. Out of love, another church member offered to pay for a very expensive hearing implant so that Rumen could hear. This exemplifies both God’s provision and the church’s ability to grow in giving and service to others.


Partnership with Nazareth Church,
Rostok Ministry


Their Vision: To see individual widows and orphans go from seeing themselves as victims to seeing themselves as triumphant in Christ. To equip widows, specifically those with children, to be able to support themselves financially.

Their Programs: The church provides transitional housing, vocational training and job placement support for those who have been through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Participants are given the opportunity to continue serving in the ministry once they complete the program. The ministry team strives to help participants to become integrated into the Body of Christ and society, and to follow their call from God.

Examples of Transformation: Helena first tried drugs when she was 15 years old. For years she tried to escape the lifestyle, but found that the battle kept waging. By the grace of God Helena came to understand that “only the Lord Jesus Christ is able to fill in the emptiness inside of me and to heal my wounded heart.” Since accepting Christ, Helena has experienced many answered prayers. After 25 years of addiction, she is studying to become an accountant for the church, loves the Word of God, and shares her testimony with others who are battling addictions.

Additional Partners

Past Grant Recipients

Northeast of the Well, Santa Ana, CA

Urban Youth Workers Institute, Santa Ana, CA

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Greater Los Angeles, CA

All Nations Christian Church New Haven, Connecticut

The Falls Church, Anglican, Falls Church, VA

Little Brown Mission Church, Long Beach, CA

Five Talents Int’l, Cuba Parish Burundi, Africa

Word Of Life Armenia

Armenian Evangelical Church of Nazarene, Arminia

AE Methodist Church , Burgas, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Evangelical Church, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Evangelical Pentacostal  Church, Elhovo, Bulgaria

Evangelical Pentacostal Church, Kardjali, Bulgaria

United Church of God, Kazanlak, Bulgaria

ACK St Jerome Parish, Gatwikira , Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

St.Thomas Kiwanga Anglican Church of Uganda, Africa

Revival Christian Center, Khimky, Russia

Christ Saviour Church, Rostov-On-Don, Russia

P.O. Box 12198
Newport Beach CA 92658

P.O. Box 12198
Newport Beach CA 92658